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  • The ticket is for one person only.
  • The ticket holder can use the trains and buses in the designated area during the period of validity.

    * It cannot be used on JR lines, airport limousine bus or reserved seat buses. It may not be valid on some routes.

  • When using the ticket, insert it into the automatic ticket gate in the direction of the arrow printed on the ticket.
  • When using the reserved seat express train of the Nankai Electric Railway , Kinki Nippon Railway, Semboku Rapid, Keihan electric railway please purchase a separate express ticket, special coach ticket and/or reserved seat ticket.
  • The ticket can be reissued at major stations if the magnetic strip fails to function during your journey.
    *Please see below for details
  • Tickets will not be reissued when lost.
  • Refund for tickets can be issued at the point of purchase only if they have not been used (handling fee may apply).
    * Only applicable when the ticket is still valid and all the coupons in the area map are unused.
  • Tickets will not be refunded for suspended services by a transportation company once the ticket has been used.
  • If the ticket is used illegally, it will be invalidated and collected, and additional fare will be charged, according to the regulations of each transportation company.
  • Separate fare will be required for journeys outside the valid zone. Please inquire the station staff.

    * Please be advised that you may be required to present the back of your ticket on routes operated by some transportation companies.

  • Please do not bring the tickets close to the magnet (like a smartphone).
*Stations where unusable KANSAI THRU PASS can be replaced

If the KTP becomes unusable due to magnetic strip failure during the journey, the following stations will reissue a new one. Please check with a member of station staff.

(Stations are subject to change)

Please contact to the travel agent you purchased the ticket for the exchange or refund.

Osaka Metro
All stations
Osaka Monorail
Osaka Kuko Station
Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway
Senri Chuo Station
Kyoto Municipal Subway
All subway stations, Bus Ticket Center in front of Kyoto Station
Osaka Namba Station / Osaka Uehommachi Station / Tsuruhashi Station / Yamato Yagi Station / Kintetsu Nara Station / Kyoto Station / Tenri Station / Osaka Abenobashi Station
Keihan Electric Railway
Yodoyabashi Station / Kyobashi Station / Hirakatashi Station / Sanjo Station / Demachiyanagi Station
Kobe Municipal Subway
Sannomiya Station
Kobe Electric Railway
Minatogawa Station / Sanda Station
Nankai Electric Railway
Namba Station / Kishiwada Station / Wakayamashi Station / Kansai Airpotr Station / Sakai Higashi Station / Kawachi Nagano Station
Hankyu Railway
Umeda Station / Kobe-sannomiya Station / Kawaramachi Station
Hanshin Electric Railway
Umeda Station / Amagasaki Station / Koshien Station / Mikage Station / Kobe-sannomiya Station
Sanyo Electric Railway
Itayado Station / Sanyo Tarumi Station / Sanyo Akashi Station / Sanyo Himeji Station