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  • The ticket is for one person only.
  • The ticket holder can use the trains and buses in the designated area during the period of validity.

    * It cannot be used on JR lines, airport limousine bus or reserved seat buses. It may not be valid on some routes.

  • When using the ticket, insert it into the automatic ticket gate in the direction of the arrow printed on the ticket.
  • When using the reserved seat express train of the Nankai Electric Railway , Kinki Nippon Railway, Semboku Rapid please purchase a separate express ticket, special coach ticket and/or reserved seat ticket.
  • The ticket can be reissued at major stations if the magnetic strip fails to function during your journey.
    *Please see below for details
  • Tickets will not be reissued when lost.
  • Refund for tickets can be issued at the point of purchase only if they have not been used (handling fee may apply).
    * Only applicable when the ticket is still valid and all the coupons in the guidebook are unused.
  • Tickets will not be refunded for suspended services by a transportation company once the ticket has been used.
  • If the ticket is used illegally, it will be invalidated and collected, and additional fare will be charged, according to the regulations of each transportation company.
  • Separate fare will be required for journeys outside the valid zone. Please inquire the station staff.

    * Please be advised that you may be required to present the back of your ticket on routes operated by some transportation companies.

*Stations where unusable KANSAI THRU PASS can be replaced

If the KTP becomes unusable due to magnetic strip failure during the journey, the following stations will reissue a new one. Please check with a member of station staff.

(Stations are subject to change)

Please contact to the travel agent you purchased the ticket for the exchange or refund.

Osaka Municipal Subway
Shinosaka Station / Umeda Station / Namba Station / Tennoji Station
Osaka Monorail
Osaka Kuko Station
Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway
Senri Chuo Station
Kyoto Municipal Subway
All subway stations, Bus Ticket Center in front of Kyoto Station
Osaka Namba Station / Osaka Uehommachi Station / Tsuruhashi Station / Yamato Yagi Station / Kintetsu Nara Station / Kyoto Station / Tenri Station / Osaka Abenobashi Station
Keihan Electric Railway
Yodoyabashi Station / Kyobashi Station / Hirakatashi Station / Sanjo Station / Demachiyanagi Station
Kobe Municipal Subway
Sannomiya Station
Kobe Electric Railway
Minatogawa Station / Sanda Station
Nankai Electric Railway
Namba Station / Kishiwada Station / Wakayamashi Station / Kansai Airpotr Station / Sakai Higashi Station / Kawachi Nagano Station
Hankyu Railway
Umeda Station / Kobe-sannomiya Station / Kawaramachi Station
Hanshin Electric Railway
Umeda Station / Amagasaki Station / Koshien Station / Mikage Station / Kobe-sannomiya Station
Sanyo Electric Railway
Itayado Station / Sanyo Tarumi Station / Sanyo Akashi Station / Sanyo Himeji Station